Links With Your Java

• “I don’t get into the technical details,” said Peter MacKay when asked why tendering guidelines were for $100 million DND contract for new unmanned drones changed midway through the bidding. Conservatives — they’re all about the accountability, you know.

• Oh, groan. The Weekly Standard is outraged at Joe Biden’s “offensive quote” about taking McCain to Afghanistan to show him where the “bad guys” are. Yeah, that’s really offensive. Now, let me tell you about McCain’s hilariously “funny” rape joke…

• Give ‘em an inch… ADQ leader Mario Dumont wants Charest to push the government to have Quebec recognized as a nation in the Constitution and open bilateral talks with the feds. Well, you knew that was coming, didn’t you? On a related note, Harper is MIA — too busy fundraising, I guess.

• Hitchens weighs in on the now infamous New Yorker cover, calling the initial reaction by the Obama camp a “statement of extreme lugubriousness.” There’s a ten-dollar word you won’t hear uttered on television. David Horsey at Seattle Post-Intelligencer sends up the cover for “irony challenged literalists.”

• Malkin mocks the abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo, calling Khadr’s case a “Gitmo sob-story” and release of the videotape “a garish Gitmo stunt.”

• The reliably oscitant Matthew at “The Politic” gets into an incoherent lather over the French-led Mediterranean Union, comparing it to the Roman Empire, prompting one commenter to describe the site as “Indistinguishable from the ramblings of a drunken hobo who forgot his meds!”

• The Order of Canada is representative of the “cultural chasm” separating the “elites” from the “public” according to Mark at Daimnation! Imagine that, an honorific order actually made up of people that aren’t “just plain folks” but are, in fact, “outstanding” in some way or other. Outrageous!

• So where do you get these “Pol Pot Hats” exactly? Gerry “Shecky” Nicholls, what a card that guy is.

• What, no replicators? Canadian researchers at the University of Guelph aim to be the first to grow food on the moon.

3 Replies to “Links With Your Java”

  1. Michelle Malkin seems to really despise children. Someone should check her backyard for shallow graves…

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