Kady O’Malley — Conservative Mole?

Presumably she would be according to the standards of Blogging Tory “Conservative Queen” (not sure if that’s male or female) based on the above damning evidence. And just look at those devil eyes — proof doesn’t get any more conclusive than that!

h/t: Steve V at Far and Wide, Scott Tribe in the comments, and Cameron Campbell for the photo. Teamwork!

26 Replies to “Kady O’Malley — Conservative Mole?”

  1. Kady O’Malley has devil eyes, so hot…

    (Or she can shoot laser beams out of her eyes which would be infinitely more cool in my books…)

  2. Boy Toews sure has a glint in his eyes…..Mr. Morals likes young women apparently.

    The Conserv. Queen blog on this is really quite creepy.

  3. Definite “creep factor” there.

    O’Malley got a nice dig in at the end of her live blogging at the committee hearing yesterday:

    Remember that tie Dimitri had on at the cabinet technically-a-shuffle that I was — less than kind in describing? Compared to what Ryan Sparrow is wearing right now, it’s the most stylish, flattering tie that I’ve ever seen. I’d take a picture, but that would seem creepy, since he’s sitting over there all unaware.


  4. The Tory bloggers don’t think Kady is a good journalist – well she’s not – she’s fantastic, not just good and she does her homework, finds things out – all with a sense of humour.

    No, she’s not good – she’s excellent and they don’t like it.

  5. She’s irreverent and a little snarky and the Cons don’t like that. The Ha Ha is only funny if it involves pulling the rug out from Dion or attacking liberals, anything else is verbotten!

    O’Malley by the way does take well-deserved shots at all parties and I certainly would hope she’d take the same kind of snide, sassy attitude towards a Liberal government. Personally, I quite like it when anyone in power, irrespective of their party, gets jabbed by the press.

  6. O’Malley by the way does take well-deserved shots at all parties and I certainly would hope she’d take the same kind of snide, sassy attitude towards a Liberal government.

    I imagine she would. She reminds me of Paul Wells that way; they report on politics for the benefit of us, their readers (who they assume are intelligent), not for the benefit of the politicians.

    Most pundits act as if they’re doing God’s work by explaining/clarifying the mystifying garbage the politicians churn out…because the rest of us are just too stupid and addled to figure it out.

  7. Whooee! That Kady’ll befriend anybody. She’s even one of JimBobby’s Facebook friends. We email back and forth every so often and Kady’s always prompt on the replies… like, within seconds.

    I notice in the Queen’s comments, even Stephen Taylor says it’s a dumbass proposition. I love how all the poor persecuted Con’s are chimin’ in over there about what a great expose-eh them pitchers are. Not many sharp tacks in that box.


  8. That’s a good way of putting it.

    I saw that comment by Taylor. I’m sure he doesn’t want his “Blogging Tories” to get branded as a bunch of creepy stalkers (in addition to being blithering idiots).

  9. RT: That’s possible. But it’s also quite possible that Taylor is establishing plausible deniability here. This is creepy and a little weird, definitely black-oppo work, and you’d want to be sure that no “name-brand” BT is associated with it.

    Besides, by having Taylor condemn it, it helps reduce the (quite valid) perception that the BTs are Harper’s minions, and that something like this would have been approved–or perhaps even ordered–by someone close to the party.

    (And by creating “controversy”, you ensure that the charge remains newsworthy. Remember, people don’t remember context, they just remember claims. If everybody argues over validity of the charge that “Kady is a Liberal sympathizer”, what people will take away from it is the perception that Kady is a Liberal sympathizer. That’s what they want.)

  10. “Kady is a Liberal sympathizer”

    I agree with you. Kady O’Malley is indeed a Liberal sympathizer. It’s no secret.

  11. Proof Kady O’Malley, a political Ottawa reporter, may not be as impartial as I would like. Look what she typed about our overlord Stephen Harper on Twitter on Dec. 12, 2012 –> it really really bothers me. She said Harper “is way cooler than his official persona would suggest” and he had a “subtle, cerebral wit.” Wutdafaq?


    Kady’s boyfriend is Stephen Taylor: He is Director at the National Citizens Coalition. Senior Associate at Fleishman-Hillard. Canadian Conservative.

    Just who is the National Citizens Coalition? This 1 min. long video explores their positions AND their ties to the Conservative Party of Canada.

    Stephen Taylor
    National Citizens Coalition
    Cell: 613-698-8874
    Email: staylor@ncc-on.org

  12. Above didn’t post my link re the tweeting correctly, I will post the link differently here:


    repost from someone who wishes to remain anony – yikes ! I can’t comment on CRUSH because I was one of XXXXXXXXXXXX. …what should no longer impress them is Kady O’Malley…was completely biased and pro #CPC during elxn41 on Twitter. That is the first time I blocked her.

    Then I argued with her, about her judgement of what made news…a news story. then i blocked her again. lol..

    now, I find Stephen Taylor is following me on Twitter and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. She is looking for a husband. The majority of them are looking to keep their jobs. Frustrating as all hell. Small and Provincial. Don’t base your actions on the support/lack of support you get from CRUSH. Sorry that Ted sent you that tweet, he knows you well enough to PM you if his feeling were that strong. Change is so necessary. The status quo is not going to bring it about. I don’t always agree with you Nadine…but, I always admire your perseverance, and courage. Go be who you are, and do what you do…one day there might be a staute of you on the Hill and a paragraph in the books of Canadian History xo


    @SusanFelicity A previous tweet referencing John Baird “PitBull Persona” –> Kady’s response was: he really is a nice guy outside of HOC

    @sailsmart why I unfollowed. She is nice but really adds little. A gatekeeper. Remember #denounceharper? No coyne for me 2

    @Dan_Radinovic what? that Kady of the rat tat tat delivery that makes simple complicated so when she’s done nobody cares one?

    Proof @kady is a traitor to Canada, watch her suck up to @pmHarper, it’s SICKENING http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=520129278020435&set=o.292671928599&type=1&theater #cdnpoli #cdnmedia

  13. repost from Bruce Dickson –> (Re Kady O’Malley) A robust disinformation strategy includes infiltrating the opposing side(s) and installing operatives under protective cover.

    One particularly effective cover is that of a charismatic and apparent critic whose mission is to attract a following and gain a high profile. Such operatives are fed material designed to buy them some credibility while reinforcing their likeability among their target audience (whose responses are closely monitored). Their success is advanced by buying/building them platforms (news columns, TV pundit gigs, highly-promoted & too-ubiquitously quoted/reference online articles & blogs) aimed at the target demographic(s).

    Once ensconced, their job is to take the dissident energy they attract and redirect in ways that will make it sputter, miss its mark and, ultimately, achieve no real change in the status quo. An appearance of change would be as close as things might be allowed to get.

    Rather than experiencing the bliss of really winning, their adherents will be left to settle for the mediocre catharsis of having laughed at their celebrity’s scripted wit and engaged in some spirited self-expression. Thus is the potential threat of serious opposing energy undermined without the victims being the least bit aware.

    Make of the forgoing what you will and apply it to whom you like, let there be no mistake: this game is afoot and has been for a long, long time. Those operatives are out there – you see them regularly and likely enjoy many of them, as you are meant to.

    So go forth, remain alert – but still leave plenty of room for love and laughter. Those are the weapons “they” just can’t beat.

  14. What can I say Nadine? Well, “Get a life” springs immediately to mind. Seriously… You delve into a post from FIVE years ago and use it as a springboard to launch all sorts of nutty attacks on CBC’s lovely parliamentary sprite, Kady O’Malley? I’m sorry, but you’re beyond ridiculous and I’m not about to waste time litigating your demented ramblings.

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