17 Replies to “Canada’s Democratic Party?”

  1. I think Martin lays out the case quite well, actually. The Democratic Party of Canada. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, nor would I have a problem with Michael Byers heading it up.

  2. I think Mr. Thomas Mulcair must be wondering who this Byers upstart thinks he is… I don’t think it would be a bad idea to change it to the Democrats either, considering that the NDPs main goal right now is to replace the Liberals. If they ever achieve that, then the name would be somewhat appropriate.

    “The ndp is fighting the Liberals today over which of the two parties best represents the liberalism of an urbanized, multicultural Canada, and the reason ndp strategists are so thin-skinned about the Liberals is that they are after the same turf. What divides today’s ndp from the Liberals is the narcissism of small differences; what unites them is political pragmatism.”
    – James Laxer
    Fake Left go Right

  3. As someone who voted NDP in the last 3 elections, I don’t have any problem with such a rename, and there are lots of “democratic” parties around the world. However, I would have a problem with the NDP aspiring to be like the US Democrats, which would put them to the right of the Liberals on most matters.

    Well, I should say, I would have a problem if I intended to vote for them again. I already had my suspicions they were moving in this direction but didn’t expect to hear an NDP candidate openly say it. Perhaps the NDP is already losing the people who counted on them being much farther left than the US Democrats and so can only gain (presumably former Liberals and Conservatives) by making this move openly.

    So… can we hear from someone in that group who will shift (or has shifted) to the NDP because they now embrace the “middle class” and US Democrats? I guess Byers may be one, although some Blogging Tory said he contributed to the NDP in the past few years so I’m not sure he shifted.

  4. The NDP, which has been holding its place in opinion polls in the mid to high teens in support…

    Yeah, I’m just smelling the revolution.

    They should call the themselves “New Labour.”

  5. I lived in New Zealand for a number of years and had no problem distinguishing the New Zealand Labour Party from the UK Labour Party (or the ALP in Australia, for that matter.)

    I don’t think it will do anything for the poll numbers, though and may confuse the message. The U.S. Democratic Party is further to the right than either the NDP, the Liberal Party or the PCs.

  6. Lets be real. How about “The Old Democratic Party?” Or, even better, Irrelevant?

    Of course, we’d need to rename the Conservatives as well. How about “The Reform Party”?

    The Liberals, of course, should be renamed The Natural Ruling Party, shortened to The Natural Party.

    Oh, wait…

  7. RT,

    Oh yes, they definitely have an image problem. The name change may garner them more votes without losing too many in the process.

    “Big Orange” is certainly up for a little refurbishment.

  8. I don’t care what the NDP says, the Party is intent on narrowing political choices in Canada, and that’simply undemocratic and…*ahem*…Un-Canadian!

    Look at the US…300 million people have to choose between two parties. No wonder half of them don’t even bother.

  9. There has been some talk over the years that ‘New’ in the NDP name does a disservice to the history of the party. It isn’t a huge deal one way or the other. What is most important is party policy/platform and the actions in the HOC. The NDP continues to be committed to low income Canadians but as the income gap grows and middle income Canadians are increasingly being left behind a growing number are looking for a party that will speak for them. The NDP is doing this. Catherine – the party hasn’t abandoned its base or its principles by reaching out to middle class folk who are also feeling the pain of trying to meet the rising costs of raising families, paying for post-secondary education and saving for retirement all while facing an increasingly perilous economic environment. Tommy’s oft quoted political allegory about the mice always voting for either the white or black cats (con or libs) did not exclude middle class mice. We mice are all those Canadians who are disenfranchised by political parties that put the interests of corporate Canada ahead of the interests of voters.

  10. Let’s wait until they make the name change, and then all start calling the Dems in Washington to tell them how we’re just average potential customers and we’re confused about the similar names. Maybe they’ll sue…

  11. Hmmm…..perhaps a strategy to confuse people into believing they are like the Dems in the US rather than what they really are – Labour Party or Socialist Democratic Party.

  12. “can we hear from someone in that group who will shift (or has shifted) to the NDP”

    heh. dip shifts.


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