Some Kinda Hole…

Another case of political correctness run amok and “cultural sensitivity” (or whatever it’s called) that’s just beyond stupid.

I’m sure Neil deGrasse Tyson could explain to this poor, benighted fool that the term “Black Hole” comes from the fact that the gravitational field of such areas of space is so powerful that even electromagnetic radiation (e.g. visible light) is unable to escape their pull, thereby rendering the hole’s interior invisible or, rather, black like the appearance of space itself. Calling it a “white hole” as this twit suggests, would therefore be ridiculous.

As well, somehow “It sounds like Central Collections has become a singularity” just doesn’t seem to work.

16 Replies to “Some Kinda Hole…”

  1. What about the expression “In the black?” Or the fact that everything goes with the colour black?

    Huh? Huh?

  2. He did actually note “in the black” as an exception to what he felt was the rule that the word is always used negatively.

  3. “He did actually note “in the black” as an exception”

    then he can accept “black hole” as another ecception, as the word “black” has no negative connotation in this use.

    stoopid witch hunt.


  4. … speaking of black holes …… is it just me , or has someone stolen everything newsworthy this week ?

  5. Eowyn — I’d never heard of that. Of course, I wasn’t aware you could be a serious physicist and be an “associate professor” at a Creationist Institute either.

  6. “Of course, I wasn’t aware you could be a serious physicist and be an “associate professor” at a Creationist Institute either.”

    LOL! “Creationism,” along with the Associated Press, is a guaranteed rant trigger with me 🙂

    “Racist” absurdity knows no bounds. Still, it’s good for a laugh, and we could all use that.

  7. To misquote Saturday Night Live, who was misquoting MLK Jr.,

    we shouldn’ty judge a man by the color of his skin, but by the size of his nostrils.

  8. RT:

    About the kidnapped cracker…I wonder when Ezra is going to take up the cause of PZ’s right to free speech. Strangely, I haven’t heard anyone on the BT blogroll defending the right of PZ…I haven’t even seen the story featured anywhere.

    Any time now, I’m sure.

  9. No, I wouldn’t imagine that story would get a lot of play over there in BT-Land.

    Is there a fetus involved? A dead prostitute? Swarthy people up to no good? If not, forget it then.

  10. Well, you see, it’s different (naturally). When a mob of vigilantes attack the reputation and try to destroy the livelihood of someone for saying something they don’t like, that’s just vibrant and robust democracy. When the law is used to mediate such a dispute among citizens, that is….*ahem*…shrieeek…TYRANNY!

  11. I lived in Dallas for a few years. Legal segregation ended within living memory and the city is still very segregated in many other ways. The African American population lives south of downtown and whites north (with a few exceptions which still essentially segregated.) You’d be told that you were taking your life into you hands if you drove into parts of south Dallas after dark.

    The school district is one of the country’s worst; lots of corruption, poorly managed and low test scores. Anyone who can, sends their kids to private schools or moves to a suburb. Some have managed to climb into the middle class, or higher, but most have not. The justice system treats poor blacks and hispanics much, much harsher than whites.

    I guess my point is that racial sensitivities were always high there and black people particularly felt under siege. This guy’s comments are silly, but I think they reflect a deeper feeling of powerlessness.

  12. Maybe so, but they’re still dumb.

    And yes, I used to live next to Detroit, so I know all about the veritable state of apartheid that still exists in many American cities.

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