In response to inveterate fuckwit Mickey Kaus thinking that he’d caught out Obama in a glaring moment of condescending hypocrisy for stating that “you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish” when he doesn’t actually speak the language himself, Jesse Taylor at Pandagon writes:

If it is, in fact, hypocrisy, then I look forward to our next President, a multilingual farmer physicist parent reverend atheist author chemist doctor lawyer astronaut firefighter acrobat chef.

Too funny.

2 Replies to “Hypocrisy!”

  1. his argument against studying spanish is equally hillarious. i guess he doesn’t know that most colleges demand of their applicants two years of foreign language studies. seeing as it’s
    the second most common language spoken in the us, and that it’s rules for spelling and grammar are much simpler than those of english, spanish makes an ideal foreign language study for kids intent on higher education.

    maybe it’s the higher learning to which kaus ultimately objects….


  2. Ditto here, although it’s French most usually. I took Spanish for a year in junior high, but it didn’t take.

    Knowing Kaus (or having read him regularly when I followed Slate more closely), I’d guess this was just a lazy bit of snark on his part. But obviously, he didn’t think it through much. He rarely does.

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